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Shidou Yurizaki
Shidou Yurizaki
Kanji 百合崎・士堂
Rōmaji Yurizaki Shidou
Race Human
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Seira Yurizaki (wife, deceased)
Ichigo Yurizaki (daughter, deceased)
Mira Yurizaki (daughter)
Professional Status
Occupation Physicist
CEO of New Tesla Energy (former)
Affiliation New Tesla Energy (former)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Takaya Hashi
English Jeremy Schwartz

Dr. Shidou Yurizaki (百合崎・士堂 Yurizaki Shidou?) was the original developer of coils as well as the founder and former CEO of New Tesla Energy.



Shidou was a brilliant yet kind-hearted man. Cursed by his own his creation, it cost him the life of his wife and young daughter. While he became highly reclusive and paranoid due to years on the run. He still had love in his heart for his "daughter" Mira, and due to the killing of his family by New Tesla Energy he has nothing but disdain for them.


Dr. Yurizaki was the founder and former CEO of New Tesla Energy. He went into hiding after the Dimension Administration Investigation Bureau (DAB) went to his house in attempts to steal his research, killing his wife and daughter in the process.

By the end of the first episode, the DAB found where he was and attempted to make peace with him, but to no avail, as Dr. Yurizaki made up his mind that upon being found he would die and carry on his legacy through his "daughter" Mira.

Dr. Yurizaki shows up again through Dimension W itself when Mira's coil turns red and starts to go critical near the end of the Easter island arc. He appears in a spectral form and gives Mira a double ringed coil for purposes unknown.


  • The name Shidou means "samurai, warrior, gentleman" (士) (shi) and "hall" (堂) (dou).
  • Shidou's surname Yurizaki means "lily" (百合) (yuri) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki/zaki).