Salba Ene Tibesti
Salba Ene Tibesti
Kanji サルバ=エネ=ティベスティ
Rōmaji Saruba Ene Tibesuti
Alias Wind of Africa
Race African
Status Alive
Age 23
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Occupation Chief Operating Officer


Affiliation Islero

Central 60

Manga Chapter 33
Anime Episode 6
Voice Actor
Japanese Kōsuke Toriumi
Mikako Komatsu (child)
English Ian Sinclair
Justin Briner (child)

Salba Ene Tibesti (サルバ=エネ=ティベスティ Saruba Ene Tibesuti?), also known as "Wind of Africa", is the President of Islero and the COO of Central 60.




Ruwai Aura Tibesti Edit

Lashiti Edit


In the flash backs he was a orphan until he was adopted by the king of his country due to the king not having a son of his own. Some time after he was taken in, his wife gave birth to a new child, Ruwai. In a time of conflict, when Salva's victory was being celebrated, he walked through the citizens of Isla and noticed an assassin around the corner, ready to shoot. Salva quickly shot at him, killing the assassin and accidentally killing Lwai in the process, as he rushed to see his brother, crushing him under rubble. Salva ended up preserving his body in a place where he could control multiple robotic bodies modeled after him.

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