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Miyabi Azumaya
Azumaya Miyabi
Kanji 四阿屋 雅
Race Human
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color purple
Relatives Tsubaki Azumaya (older sister)
Kyōma Mabuchi (fiance)
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student
Manga Chapter 38
Anime Episode 6 (at the end)
Voice Actor
Japanese Sayaka Ohara
English Trina Nishimura

Miyabi Azumaya (四阿屋 雅 Azumaya Miyabi) is the deceased fiancee of Kyōma Mabuchi who was diagnosed with a terminal incurable illness that caused her muscles to eat themselves, a type of muscular dystrophy.

During the operation that was meant to save her life, there was an accident with the Coil that was supposed to support her android body and her head was lost in the explosion, which led to Kyouma's hatred for Coils.


Miyabi's appearance

Miyabi's appearance, seen in one of Kyouma's flashbacks

Miyabi is a woman of average height with long indigo hair and pinkish purple eyes. She was mostly seen wearing a pink scarf with darker stripes, a beige vest, a brown skirt along with a pair of white socks that begin to the lower leg. Later on, due to her illiness, she has lost her hair, leaving her hair shaved-like.


Miyabi is a kind, gentle and soft-spoken girl.


Miyabi first appeared when Kyōma Mabuchi heard a scream for help. Kyōma found her wedged between a car and a wall, trying to capture a picture of a cat. Having helped her out and later the two became good friends. During their time hanging out, Miyabi developed feelings for Kyōma and kissed him. It was around this time, Miyabi went to the hospital and was discovered to have an incurable disease giving her only three more years of living. Distraught hearing this, Kyōma decided to ask Miyabi to get married and she happily agreed to it.  

Kyōma learned about coils and their potential to save a person's life. Desperate to save his fiance, Kyōma joined the special op Grendel to give Miyabi a chance to be given an operation using the coils. Unfortunately, she was beheaded by a malfunctioning coil leading to Kyōma's hatred for coils.

When Kyōma later regained his memories back at Easter island, it was discovered that Kyōma had the legendary core in his hands and had the possibility of saving Miyabi. To Kyōma's surprise, even though Miyabi could have been saved, Miyabi told Kyōma she would rather not be saved. Instead, she liked the idea of someone (Kyōma) having such a strong memory of her as it was a sign that someone truly cared and loved her.


Kyōma Mabuchi[]

They were lovers before her death.

Tsubaki Azumaya[]

Tsubaki is Miyabi's older sister. When she heard of the incurable disease of Miyabi, she was very devastated and wanted what was best for her sister. She agreed for Miyabi to be given a coil operation despite the huge risk of failure.

Mira Yurizaki[]

Mira came into existence after Miyabi's death. Even so, they have a connection in that Mira was created from a spare robotic body that was meant for Miyabi during the failed coil operation. They also have some shared personality quirks, mainly their kindness, though Mira is a lot more emotive than Miyabi ever was. They are in no means the same person though.


  • The name Miyabi means "elegant, graceful" (雅).
  • Miyabi's surname Azumaya means "four" (四) (a), "Africa, flatter, fawn upon, corner, nook, recess" (阿) (kuma/zuma) and "roof, house, shop, dealer, seller" (屋) (ya).


  • Miyabi is dedicated to her photography hobby.
  • Her birthdate is on April 19.