Dimension W Wikia
Kanji マリー
Rōmaji Marī
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Professional Status
Affiliation Recovery House
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Kimiko Saito
English Stephanie Young

Mary is the head of the Recovery House. She owns a café, though it's mainly a front for her other occupation.


Mary is a round woman with an average height. She has white hair that she keeps in a large bun, blue eyes and beige skin. She's always seen wearing a red tunic like dress with a tiger pattern belt, accompanied with a dark purple fur scarf and jewelry around her hair, necklace and ears. Mary also wears makeup, as she is often seen wearing oink eyeshadow and red lipstick. On her left arm, there is a tattoo of a black circle with a untattooed heart in the middle. Under her bangs, her forehead has a cross looking tattoo.



Kyōma Mabuchi[]

A Collector and one of her employees. She assigns him the majority of his coil-hunting missions and pays him handsomely for his services.

Mira Yurizaki[]

A mysterious robot encountered by Kyouma on one of his assignments. Mary wholeheartedly allows her to join the hunt for illegal coils as Kyōma's partner (to his chagrin), and equally rewards her.


A technician and employee of the Recovery House. He enjoys his job and the company of the other members. There is a few hints that they might have a mother-son relationship. In the manga, there are a fee hints that show that Koorogi and Mary might have a mother-son relationship. In the manga, it's shown in a scene that Mary is possibly even worried of how Koorogi lacks of sleep and food, as he was researching the answer for Mira's double-ring coil that appeared on Easter Island. She also says how he has to come for dinner to eat, giving a hint that they are living together, and Mary raises him and gives him food, which she doesn't do with the other employees.


An ex-military robot. She willingly serves her as a waiter and bouncer for the cafe.


She used to work with Claire as researchers along Shido's side.