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Kanji コオロギ
Rōmaji Koorogi
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black (manga)

Purple (anime)

Eye Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Technician
Affiliation Recovery House
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
English Josh Grelle

Koorogi (コオロギ Koorogi?) is a technician in Mary's Recovery House.


Koorogi is a young adult with dark skin and dark purple hair that goes down his chest. He always seems to be showing a smug smile. He has freckles on his cheeks and black eyes. He wears a helmet which ressembles a cricket's head, a coral coloured vest with a dark turquoise shirt. He's often seen having white headphones, dark grey gloves and two bracelets on his left wrists. He has a light purple sweater wrapped around his waist. He wears baggy, dark grey pants. Two keyboards are attached to a 'rope' hooked his pants. In chapter 76, he wears a tuxedo, and his hair down in a ponytail. This was the only time Koorogi was seen wearing something else, and without his helmet.


Koorogi is extremely clever, able to repair Mira and even add skin folds, as she isn't the average android. He is also seen to be extravagant. He has a foul mouth and seems to have pride, especially when it comes to Four. Furthermore this could suggest that he takes great pride in his creations.


Recovery House[]

Kyōma Mabuchi[]

Koorogi doesn't get along with Kyōma and isn't intimidated by him, but will provide him with information when requested.

Mira Yurizaki[]

Koorogi gets along quite well with Mira. It is shown at a few times that Koorogi is there when Mira has to get someting fixed. He also brought with her modifications to her skin, so she can hide her coil and change her breast's size. He also took care of studying how she works, like the mysteries of her functioning, for example the utility of her tail.


Koorogi works for Mary as technician at the recovery house.


It is shown that Koorogi has confidence in Four's strength. He got furious when Four was broke in half, as it took a real hit to his pride.


Little is known about Koorogi's past. Voluume 9.5 reveals that he is born in Vietnam and even though he is smart enough to skip grades and go to university, he decided to come to work at Mary's as her technician because he likes chubby women.


  • Koorogi’s name means Cricket” in Japanese
  • His helmet ressembles a cricket's head, which we can see a imilarity with how his name translates to "Cricket".
  • He is very flexible, being able to jump from a high stand (shown in episode 1), or climbing up things, going through some big holes as he is skinny.
  • In Volume 9.5, it is mentioned that he comes from Vietnam.
  • Also in Volume 9.5, it mentions that Koorogi joined Mary because he likes chubby women.