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Haruka Seameyer
Haruka Schmeyer
Kanji ハルカ・シーマイヤー
Rōmaji Haruka shīmaiyā
Race Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Hair Color Turquoise
Eye Color Yellow
Professional Status
Manga Chapter 52
Anime Episode 9
Voice Actor
Japanese Yūki Kaji
English Chris Patton

Haruka Seameyer (ハルカ・シーマイヤー Haruka shīmaiyā?) is a genius scientist who was a student of Dr. Shidou Yurizaki before being expelled for his dangerous thinking.


Seameyer has light blue hair and yellow eyes with purple eye shadow. He is seen wearing a grey coat with blue arrows, which under is a black shirt with a pink tie. He also wears white pants. Haruka is mostly seen having a smug-ish smile. In the flashbacks, in Easter Island Arc, he had a simiar appearance, except he didn't have purple eyeshadow. He wore under his black shirt and yellow tie a beige sweather. His left arm is a robotic arm, due to it being lost in Easter Island during the Grendel War.


Shido Yurizaki

Haruka used to work as Shido's student, which Shido taught him everything he knew.


Before the Easter Island disaster, he was a kind person who worked as Shido Yurizaki's student, and worked alongside people like Julian Tyler (known as Loser). Seameyer was deeply invested into his research and theories alongside Julian and the others. Unfortunately his research lab was raided and all his research on Dimension W was to be destroyed on orders from the D.A.B, as the research for Genesis was judged to be too dangerous, with Shido's approval. His curiosity turned into madness and he snapped. After keeping the researchers in captivity, along with Loser/Julian's wife close to him, he reveals that he had the theory about Genesis long ago and that he didn't need Shido's help. Able to almost achieve Genesis, he proceeded to test it's teleporting ability on two of the researchers, resulting both of them exploding. But then Grendel came, and Kyouma was able to take Genesis away from Haruka, disappeared with it, along with Haruka's left arm, as he attempted to take it back from Kyouma.