Dimension W Wikia
Race Android
Status Alive
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Recovery House
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actor

Four is an Android owned by Mary. His job consists of fighting off unscrupulous customers and intruders.


Four has the appearance of a young man with short, dark hair in a bob cut. A sign with the number 4 is imprinted on his bangs. He is always seen wearing a suit, more specifically a tuxedo.


As an Android, he does not have any personality. He is modeled with military specs.


Recovery House[]

Four serves as a bouncer for Mary's cafe. He is very good at his job, and has only lost to a few opponents, those being Kyoma and Lwaï.


Four was created with an illegal coil by the fortune of General Jaku, a chinese military man who became wealthy with shady business dealings. After word of his crimes spread, Jaku fled to the bronze swallow terrace- a stronghold he had built for himself, and ordered Four to protect him and his treasure. The palace had been set into flames, and the General Jaku died from carbon monoxide poisoning. However, Four hadn't registered the death, he continued to carry out his orders and eliminated anyone that dared approach the deceased general's vault.

It is said that Mary had sent Kyoma out to hunt down Four in his start as a collector, and managed to disable him by himself and bring him back. Mary took Four as her reward, and most likely had Koorogi tweak him to become Mary's bodyguard.


  • Volume 9.5 of the manga reveals that he has the ability to speak, but has never spoken in his appearances. It is rumored his voice is as cute as an angel's.
  • Before being taken down by Kyoma, Four had taken the lives 48 military personel, 6 civilians and 11 robots perished by his hands.
  • His coil is of military grade, but with Koorogi's tweaking it has the capacity of working as an illegal coil.
  • In the flashbacks, Four has a "四" on his hair, which translate to the number 4 in simplified Chinese.