Elizabeth Greenhough Smith
Kanji エリザベス・グリーンハウ=スミス
Rōmaji Erizabesu Gurīnhau-Sumisu
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Female
Professional Status
Manga Chapter 17
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actor
Japanese Eri Suzuki
English Maxey Whitehead

Elizabeth Greenhough Smith is a friend of Misuzu Midorikawa, and the daughter and partner of Loser.


When she is introduced she is dressed like a young boy with a baseball cap and sweatshirt.



Loser Edit

She is Loser's daughter and partner in-crime, and assists him in his quest to find the Numbers by performing the technological aspects of his heists, mainly broadcasting his movements to the public via small drones, deploying signal scramblers to delay the authorities and providing directions and schematics to guide him through a place he is robbing.

Kyōma Mabuchi Edit

While the two have never interacted in person, she attempted to find out more about him during his first encounter with her father, but couldn't due to his lack a coil. Nevertheless, Loser deduced Kyōma's identity all on his own.

Mira Yurizaki Edit

She was initially surprised when Mira discovered her hiding place by tracking the flight patterns of her pigeon drones.


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