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Elizabeth Greenhough Smith
Kanji エリザベス・グリーンハウ=スミス
Rōmaji Erizabesu Gurīnhau-Sumisu
Race Human
Status Alive
Age Age unknown

Birthdate: March 27th

Gender Female
Hair Color Brown, later dyed blonde
Eye Color Red
Relatives Loser (Adoptive Father)
Professional Status
Affiliation Loser
Manga Chapter 17
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actor
Japanese Eri Suzuki
English Maxey Whitehead

Elizabeth Greenhough Smith is a friend of Misuzu Midorikawa, and the adoptive daughter and partner of Loser. Her nickname is "Ellie", given to her by Loser.


Elizabeth is mostly seen with long, dyed blonde hair and ruby red eyes. She is seen wearing a headband with bat wings, a frippy collar around her neck and a lolita dress (episode 4). When she is introduced in episode 2, she is dressed like a young boy with a baseball cap and sweatshirt. It is seen that she had short brown hair. Her clothing varies with the manga and the anime. Ellie often likes to wear disguises, probably due to her fathers 'work'. After his passing, she typically wears more stylish but street-clothes in later chapters of the manga.

When she was introduced as a child in her backstory (Volume 11), she has short, brown hair.


Ellie is a very intelligent, sassy, often blunt, but otherwise an overall good person. Ellie has a short temper, often getting mad at being called a kid, or when Kyōma teases her, or when the kids who hang at Kyōma 's junkyard bother her. Otherwise she is usually very calm and collected. Ellie was willing to extort Kyōma for money to save Mira at one point, however it mostly seemed like a rouse to get back at him for calling her a scrub for using an illegal coil as a registered collector.



She is Loser's adoptive daughter and partner in-crime, and assists him in his quest to find the Numbers by performing the technological aspects of his heists, mainly broadcasting his movements to the public via small drones, deploying signal scramblers to delay the authorities and providing directions and schematics to guide him through a place he is robbing. It is seen that she was attached to him, seeing him as a father figure, as she cried over his death on Easter Island.

Kyōma Mabuchi[]

At first the two have never interacted in person, she attempted to find out more about him during his first encounter with her father, but couldn't due to his lack a coil. Nevertheless, Loser deduced Kyōma's identity all on his own. Ellie met Kyōma later in the Yasogami Lake arc but she was now appearing as a young woman with blonde hair; and he was unaware of her existence until now. Only having met Mira, the android also did not recognize her. They met again in Easter island, after the battle with Chrysler and Loser. During the incident Ellie gave a spin-dart to Kyōma with one of the Numbers coil, 007, stating it was her fathers last will to use the coil powered weapon to defeat Seameyer once and for all. In later arcs Kyōma would slowly befriend (In his own way) and take ellie in as another stray after a series of events surrounding an illegal coil heist that never happened, and Mira's kidnapping.

Mira Yurizaki[]

She was initially surprised when Mira discovered her hiding place by tracking the flight patterns of her pigeon drones. Unknown to Mira, Ellie met her again during the Yasogami incident, and once more on Easter Island. Ellie attended an Afmero car show where Mira inadvertently and unknowingly sicc'd Kyōma on her thinking she had an illegal coil (Which, she did.) A while later, Ellie witnessed Mira's kidnapping, and eventually rescued the girl. The two seemingly become more friendly to one another afterwards in later arcs. Ellie still seems to enjoy bullying Mira; as seen in the OVA episode teasing her about not being loved, and teasing both Mira and Kyōma about being lovey-dovey.


As a child she was first named 301 (Trecentouno, or Uno). She was raised underground with many other children, not knowing the existence of the outside world. Uno was friends with some of them, two being recognized as Nove (Trecentonove) and Venti (Trecentoventi). Eventually she learned about the outside world in her studies and decided to escape, alone, while no one was there to stop her.

Uno was found on a ship by fishers, still as a child. Uno met Loser on the same ship, when he was almost dead, and weak. She helped the doctor save him, as she was good with machinery. Loser and Uno were dropped off on a mainland by the captain of the boat. Loser eventually gave Uno her name, Elizabeth Greenhough Smith after she lied about not having one. Ellie never told her father about her past, even before he perished at the hands of Chrysler.