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Drake Horton was the leader of the Syndicate, a special investigator for DAB. It was revealed in the manga that he was the murderer or Seira and Ichigo Yurizaki.

Drake Horton
Drake Horton
Race Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Syndicate
Weapons Brass knuckles
Voice Actor


Drake was a muscular man with fair skin. He hadred eyes with a few rings within them. He had hair short, brown spiky hair. On the left side of his forehead, he had a scar the shape of a cross. He was also the only one in the Syndicate to have a scar that shape. He has a small beard on his chin and on each side that look like upside-down lighting bolts, and his eyebrows are oddly shaped. Most of the time in the manga, he wore a necklace with a latin/christian across with the Syndicate symbol (4 ligmented star) above, a shirt with dark and light blue diamond patterns and jeans. In chapter 100, Drake was seen wearing a Dimensinoal Administrative Bureau uniform; a turquoise coat.



Drake used to be a special investigator for the Directional Administrative Bureau by Eudos' recommendation and his role was to monitor Shido Yurizaki. The goal was for the doctor not to cross any lines by creating Genesis', forcing him to abandon his research, otherwise he would've been assassinated. But they didn't plan Haruka Seameyer, who created Genesis. Despite this and the following events, Drake's mission continued. In chapter 82, he reveals to Mira Yurizaki that he killed Mira's relatives to grant the good doctor freedom. (For more context, New Tesla Energy originally gave him the order to stop and seize Seira's research immediately and Eudos gave him the order to kill both Shido and his wife. But he pretended to fail and chose a third option, which was the murder of Shido's family).


Drake was shown to be extremely strong, being able to almost kill Albert Schumann in Volume 14 without any weapons but his hand, giving Kyoma the impression that he was beheaded by his touch, and most likely the same with Koorogi in chapter 84.