Dimension W Wikia

Coils are cross-dimensional, electromagnetic devices originally developed by Shidou Yurizaki that extract energy from the W Dimension to provide an unlimited source of energy. Sixty towers were built around the world to harness the energy, allowing a steady supply of electricity anywhere.

There are multiple types of coils. Standard legal coils that glow blue, illegal coils that glow red and typically have an X on the surface, numbered prototype coils nicknamed "Numbers" that glow green and are immensely more powerful, and "Double Coils", which are unknown in power and ability which also glow green. Only two of the Double Coils have been seen thus far: the first being the one that Shidou Yurizaki used upon his death to destroy and short out all coils within a certain radius, with the coil being subsequently destroyed along with its creator in the wake of its explosion. The second was given to Mira by Shidou Yurizaki's spirit on Easter Island after her standard coil became red.

There is also "Genesis", a unique coil that has unimaginable power with the ability to "make something from nothing". It is a golden sphere in shape.


Numbers are coils that were created before the towers existed. Unlike other coils, they harness energy from deeper layers of the W Dimension. They look identical to other coils, but have a serial number instead of a power symbol. They use their own methods and don't need towers to function, but they cannot be shut down externally if something goes wrong and can be unstable.

  • 001 - Was in possession of Jason Chrysler, then taken by Loser.
  • 006 - Was in possession of Loser, used in a Spin-Dart by Kyōma to defeat Seameyer, currently unknown.
  • 007 - Stolen by Loser.
  • 096 - Unknown.
  • 148 - In possession of Loser.
  • 189 - Obtained and disabled by Kyōma.
  • 215 - In possession of Loser.