Dimension W is a copy of Fullmetal Alchemist

Dimension W explained

Fullmetal Alchemist = Dimension W

Gate of knowledge = Dimension W black hole

Alchemy = Science

Philosopher Stone = Supreme coil, McGuffin that can change the fabric of reality

Fake philosopher stones = Numbers, Red Herrings representative of the real McGuffin that have limited power to break the rules of physics when warping reality

Scar = Loser, antagonistic ally with own motivations and goals whose family member is lost in a tragic accident trying to save them

Edward Elric = Mira, the little one with the secret power

Alphonse = Kyouma, the bigger, stronger fighter with amnesia

State Alchemists = New Tesla, secretive organization with some honorable people working to change it from the inside, and some corrupt leaders

Master = Mary

Ancillary dead state military = Ancillary dead New Tesla scientists/military